Tips to eat healthy on your travels

Vacations makes one forget all the worries, so one starts to get indulgent in food department.

It is easy to eat to one's heart content with variety of food available in the country which one visits.
But if one does so and then after vacation its difficult to shed off those few kilos which one has put on.

So here are the few tips to eat healthy on your travels 

1. Hydrate: instead of having too many alcoholic drinks which contains loads of calories .One can drink water, coconut water(tropical regions). Fresh juices without syrups.

2. Eat local:it is the best savour and taste the local dishes. They are healthy, tasty and low in calories if one can be selective in main course and avoid less of desserts.

3. Soups: Soups are great way to start any meal. As it is light on stomach.

4. Desserts: If one has sweet tooth like mine. One can eat dessert as a meal in itself.

5. Breakfast: It is the  most important meal of the day. Have a good healthy breakfast with fresh fruits, eggs, multigrain toast, or local breakfast meal eaten by locals.

6. Tea /coffee : limit the intake to max two a day.

7. Healthy snacks: always pack dry fruits and nuts as a snack meal. One can have fresh salad.
It is very filling and healthy for mind and body.

8. Fresh fruits: always try to taste the local fruit variety available in the country. For example i had most amazing delicious fresh pineapples in Srilanka.

9. Restaurant App: so many restaurant app are available like Zomato App. One can find good restaurants to visit.

10. Small portion strategy:eat small portions and frequent meals  especially for snacks and dinner.

Hope these tips are useful in your travels.

Disclaimer: i am not nutritionist or dietitian. The view expressed are from authors experience. One should consult an expert for any diet or health related doubts.