How to deal with frizzy hair ?

What makes hair frizzy?
If you are travelling or live in hot humid climate hair can become frizzy. If your hair lacks nourishment it can become dry, then hair is prone to become frizzy. Dry hair absorbs the moisture and make it frizzy in humid condition. Blow drying makes the hair frizzy. Even chemical treatments, bleaching treatments make the hair dry. So it can become frizzy.

Easy Tips 

1. Don't brush hair if it's wet, towel dry it and then comb it slowly.
2. Regularly oil hair to make it gain strength and let it absorb the good oils. Let the hair maintain it's natural shape.
3. Make sure not to use harsh treatment on your hair.
4. Don't use hair dryers, hair straighteners often it will dry hair, may damage it.
5. Always use soft chemical shampoos and conditioners to make hair less frizzy.
6. Try to apply mineral free oil to hair which will help maintain it's shape.
7. Use comb with soft bristles it will help maintain hair shape.

Thank you for reading!