Travel Tips for urban traveller

Every year so many of us travel on a vacation. Travel is great way to learn and have the exposure to various cultures, food habits etc. We often have the excitement and the drive to go on this beautiful holiday that we  planned for. I will be listing out tips to help the urban traveler in you to make easy decisions when you travel.

Tip one:  to always have a budget for the travel expenditure. If one has worked hard to earn the money one needs to think twice before spending on it . But be aware of impulse purchases when travelling. Always have a day to day expenses list out before buying anything expensive. And the purchase should have good value and use.

Tip two: Make sure to carry your medicines which the doctor has prescribed to you. If you are travelling to foreign country it may be advisable to carry your doctors prescriptions as well.

Tip 3: Explain your food allergies when trying out new foods. Always research the restaurants you are visiting to read out the menu carefully to make sure you are not  allergic to certain food items and specify it to the restaurant employees.

These are some tips which has helped me in my travels , hope it helps you in your travels.