2020 nail trends for your next manicure

Pretty nail art 
We have an idea 2020 will be exciting time for manicures. From fresh nail paints to totally new ideas.  Find out the pretty nail trends you can expect to see 2020.  Reviews from our beauty experts.

Office look

Office look is simple elegant and stylish.  The simple nude and white design. Keep it simple with clear polish over well-kept nails. Add a drop of white to one or two nails as desired. For a stylish manicure that is perfect for the office.

Graphic details

Graphic will give the boldest look! Choose different colors to turn heads in your direction. Look for simple shades for a more muted style. Keep your style in simple shapes and patterns at home. You may want to go to beauty nail salon if you want elaborate design.

CD inspired look

Go for the 90s inspired look with a holographic CD inspired nail art. This trendy look is created with a special pigment made up of tiny reflective particles. Begin with bare nails or your desired base colour. Then apply a layer of the pigment and finish with a clear sealing gel.

Pearl detail

This nail trend has been going on for some time. The best thing about this trend is how versatile it is. If you like jewels, have pearls applied to your nails. It depends on how fashionable you want to be. You can stick one on each nail at the cuticle, or cover your nails completely. Nevertheless, if you want simple pearl look. Go for a lustrous pearl nail polish.

Gingham nail art

Gingham trend is picking up due to winter season. The trend is not going to slow down. Copycat the popular checked fabric on your nails to stand out from the crowd while keeping up with this trend.