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How should we greet in today’s time?

With social distancing rules, many cultures across the globe are adapting their distinct greetings to fit in with the new greeting culture. 

How will Indians change their greeting, will it no longer be the urban hi with a handshake?

Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we interact, and physical greetings with the potential to spread the virus are among its cultural casualties. But the ways people across the globe are adapting to this new reality recommends that we have not yet lost the human tendency to say “hi”. 


What are greetings?

Greetings are a simple way of acknowledging the other person, however verbal and non-verbal greetings help us express the limits of our interactions with others.



Indian tradition requires one to greet the other person by saying Namaste.  In Hinduism, Namaste means that I bow to the divine in you. It is usually said, with a slight bow of the head and hands pressed together, hands touching together and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close towards the chest.


With globalization in place millennial Indians had started using hi, hello instead of Namaste. Due to social distancing in place people are realizing why Indian ancestors were far more intelligent and insightful when it comes to even the simple form of the way we greet each other. Now is the time to bring back the tradition. Hence welcome to the traditional form, Namaste when greeting the other person.


With coronavirus pandemic Namaste greeting will be used a lot in the times we are in today. Indians are always proud to use the traditional greeting in their daily routine. When welcoming a stranger, guests, acquaintances, neighbors one should use Namaste to greet them. It will not only help bring back the traditional way of greeting the person, enable a sense of patriotism towards Indian traditional culture.  


It is important to keep one's traditions in practice, as that what keeps culture in trend for future generations. Our ancestors started Namaste for a reason and one must respect to continue it. It serves the dual purpose one being able to greet and secondly maintaining social distance. 

So no hi, but Namaste to my fellow readers !

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