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Yogurt diet help you lose weight?

Yogurt is associated with having many health benefits such as bone health and digestive benefits. Some individuals even claim that it helps in weight loss. Globally yogurt is a fermented dairy product that is enjoyed as a wholesome breakfast option or snack menu item.

Yogurt consumption may increase gut health and reduce chronic inflammation by innate and adaptive immune responses, regulating appetite, lipid profiles, and intestinal barrier function.

Yogurt Diet

According to Nutritionist Ana Luque, in her book she promotes a diet plan called the Yogurt Diet, which states that yogurt is the secret to losing weight and helping overall health. Her book comprises of a 5-week detox diet that involves eating several servings of yogurt each day. Particularly, she states that the probiotics in yogurt help treat lactose intolerance, digestive problems, obesity, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, diabetes, gum disease, yeast infections, ulcers, and slow metabolism. 

The Yoplait Yogurt Diet 

Also known as Yoplait Light Two Week Tune-Up. It was launched by the yogurt company Yoplait, which states that it helps individuals lose 1–2.5 kgs over 14 days.

Yoplait Yogurt diet tells you to eat yogurt at least twice a day. Its guidelines include specific instructions for meals and snacks. This yogurt diet decreases your calorie intake to just 1,200 calories per day. It advises you to increase your physical activity such as walking half an hour daily. By doing these steps it may result in a calorie deficit, which may help you achieve weight loss. 

However the diet only lasts 2 weeks and is quite limiting, you are likely to put on weight loss if you don’t change into a more sustainable eating pattern after this diet is over. Overall, the Yoplait Yogurt Diet is primarily a marketing campaign that isn’t based on scientific evidence. Although you may lose some weight, this is a result of cutting calories and not only eating yogurt. This diet is not likely to lead to long-term weight loss. The information has been sourced from the Healthline. 

In conclusion both Yoplait’s and Ana Luque’s yogurt diets are based on the belief that yogurt aids weight loss. None of these diets has been studied for its short- or long-term results, and the Yoplait diet, in particular consists of added sugar.

However, yogurt has many health benefits as mentioned above. Fashion Designer Vera Wang has yogurt in her breakfast. Do you?

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