Beauty review : which lipstick to wear to office? 

Liquid lipsticks are in vogue right now. Ever wondered which lipstick to use for office wear? Many brands have launched their variety of liquid lipstick. Beauty review of Chambor transfer proof Extreme Wear Liquid Lipstick. I often wear this brand liquid lipstick, got lot of compliments for keeping fresh professional look. Please find below the precise review.

Chambor Extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick shade: 401

Packaging: It has unique packaging.This product comes in a glass tube like you can can see in the image above. It is transparent so one can see liquid lipstick clearly.

Application:  It gives a full coverage look to the lips.The application of this product is smooth, however after application it tends to dry the lips. Tip would be to apply lip balm before applying this lipstick.

Colours: Available in variety of colours from dark shades to pinks. The colour is highly pigmented and gives a smooth effect.

Texture: The texture is smooth velvety, creamy liquid consistency.

Lasts: it does last long for 6 hours and needs only one time reapplication.

Final verdict: i will be buying this product as it is good for office wear, gives super matte finish look.

Vegan Lipsticks anyone???

The Bodyshop Matt Liquid Lip

A lot people whom i came across have vegan diets. But i recently came across, Vegan makeup brand called The Body Shop which exclusively caters to the range of vegan cosmetics, skincare products. And they are forever against animal testing.

Reviewing Matt Liquid Lip (Lipstick)

I  have used these products and find them to be good.
But the colours are highly pigmented and give matt finish.  It is light in texture.The bonus about this product is that it is vegan and does not contain animal products.
I will be buying these products again :) 

The colours which  purchased are 014 Sydney Amaryllis (red) and 022 Paris Peony (bright pink). 

It smells good like raspberry bubblegum. On application it feels as though one is applying liquid lip gloss but this has smooth velvety matt finish.  It lasts up to the next meal you are having, needs a reapplication.

Glossy Lips ladies? M.A.C - Creamsheen Glass Lip Gloss  (Pagoda)

Hmm... So what was i thinking while buying this product, Glossy lips of course.

M.A.C - Creamsheen Glass Lip Gloss -Pagoda

The Lip gloss case is glass, transparent. One can clearly see the colour light pink as shown in the picture above.

The colour is not so pigmented it must be paired with lipstick.  I have paired a pink lipstick with this lip gloss.Or one may use this as a shiny lip balm.  The texture is creamy and has amazing scent of vanilla cherry pie.

It gives glossy appearance. It gives a good coverage, spreads evenly on the lips and lasts up to 6 hours. After which requires touch up.

 It is a  genuine quality product.  Definitely worth buying again.

One can buy M.A.C. Lipglass Lipgloss pink lemonade shade from below link:

Lipstick Comparison Review :Red Colour  Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour vs L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour

IMG_20171023_115522.jpg have always believed in quality of the products. I am reviewing two products belonging to reputed brands. Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour . And L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour.

1. Packaging
Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour -  the packaging is very glamorous shiny golden colour.  Very trendy, light in weight.
L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour - the packaging is classic black colour. Very common in terms colour black but classy.

2. Reapplication
Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour - stays for long period of time. Even after eating the lipstick colour is still present on the lips.
L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour- does not stay for long period of time. Needs to be reapplied after eating. As the lipstick colour faints and requires frequent reapplication.

3. Texture
Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour : Has a creamy texture due to the  argon oil present in the lipstick. It has duel purpose it can be used as coloured lip balm and as a lipstick.
L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour: this also has a creamy texture, however it does require applying a lip balm before applying the lipstick.

4. Colour
Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour-  the colour is red but has a hint of orange in it . Very fresh, trendy ready for winter season.
L'oreal Paris Star collection :Frieda Pinto pure rouge colour - the colour is red but has hint of dark mauve in it. It gives a classy look on applying.

5. Final verdict -  Repurchase
And the winner is Lakme Absolute : Argan oil ruby velvet colour.
Personally i will be buying this colour lipstick again as it ticks in all the right criteria for use. :)

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit?

Well, if this questions was asked to me my reply would be it’s an amazing package to pair up lip liner with lipstick or lip gloss.

Whenever I went to the makeup shop in shopping mall would only buy lipstick or lip gloss often ignoring the suggestion given by the makeup sales girl to pair it up with lip liner which would outline my lips giving it a fuller lip appeal.

With Kylie Jenner’s lips being hot talking point of 2016 and even now. I think Kylie has done an amazing job of pairing the two. It makes sense to get the lips its full appeal, effect, shine. It makes the lips the hot talking point in party or girly gossip session. I have started pairing lip gloss with lip liner.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit?