Sri Lanka

Beach holiday 2018 ? Bentota, Srilanka 
Bentota beach,Srilanka

One is searching for pristine beach, crystal clear water, no crowd, fresh seafood, then head to Bentota Beach, Srilanka.

Bentota Beach is the most beautiful beach that  i have visited in my lifetime.  The beach is lengthy, one can see miles of pristine sand and clear sea water. The best part about this place is that one can feel relaxation, solitude, complete rejuvenation.

Things to do here : lie around on the beach, get a tan, go for a swim. Have a drive for adventure. Many water sports activities are available to try.

Eat and drink: One can savour the local Srilankan coconut water which tastes amazingly sweet and refreshing, eat sweet juicy fresh pineapples.

Enjoy local delicacies- Srilankan devilled prawns, fish fry, fish cutlets, various Srilankan curries, variety of freshly made breads like :  kottu - shredded flat thin slices paratha mixed with vegtarian/non vegetarian ingredients, hoppers (rice flour, coconut milk flavoured pancakes),string hoppers.Various rich dishes. Not to forget the famous coconut sambol which is an accompaniment to the main dishes. For dessert: must try traditional SriLankan dessert which is  watallapam - coconut jaggery treacle pudding.

Where to stay:
There are many good resorts to stay in Bentota which are beach facing would highly recommend Vivanta By Taj, Bentota Srilanka. One can feel happy holidays vibes in this place.

Hope you guys try Bentota, Srilanka as your next beach holiday 2018 destination.

Tea Drinkers Paradise ? head to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea gardens

As an avid tea drinker i had always imagined what it must be to work in a tea factory amidst green tea hills with the misty clouds, whispering cold air.
Road to Nuwara Eliya

I has a quest for it and so i began my beautiful journey in Nuwara Eliya in Srilanka. This place is situated in  central Srilanka one needs to drive through via Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka or via Kandy, Sri Lanka. The road journey is beautiful the roads are clean, smooth, developed not at all bumpy.
Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

As one approaches the destination one can feel the freshness in the air, miles of  rolling tea garden hills,the misty air, lies the beautiful Nuwara Eliya in Central Sri lanka. It is known for its Ceylon tea production.

Sri Lanka used to be British colony named as Ceylon. After Sri Lanka got  independence  they still prefer to use word Ceylon to their tea hence Ceylon tea.

As i wanted to experience the tea factory, i booked myself in a Tea Factory Hotel called the Heritance Tea factory.  This use to be tea factory in the name of Hethersett factory which became disuse in 1970's and was recreated in to a hotel under the guidance of the director of Aitkens Spense and Company Ltd.

Upon arrival one gets the warm Sri Lankan hospitality from the staff of the hotel. The staff gives you welcome drink which is of course the Ceylon tea, warm towels to freshen up. The check in is smooth process.

As it is a Tea Factory one can smell aroma of Ceylon Tea lingering in the air. The interiors is wooden with glass pined windows to enable picturesque view of the tea gardens. Also present are the machines used were part of the Ceylon tea production.
Corridors towards to guest  rooms

The rooftop of the hotel

Book: The Tea Factory Tea Book

The hotels has amazing guest rooms which are clean, with spacious glass windows one can see the scenery.  I had aromatic Ceylon tea to keep me company as I gazed at picturesque scenic tea gardens at hours end.

 The guest room has all the modern amenities, one can ask for wifi, room service, toiletries,,tea/coffee maker. Also they have a book which explains how one can enjoy a great cup of Ceylon tea. The history of this amazing hotel established in the 1970's. Also a warm welcome note from the hotel management.

The breakfast buffet is served in the Kenmare reatuarant. It has a theme of tea and train. The buffet breakfast is laid out on the tea boxes pretty interesting sight to behold. The food is delicious and staff is friendly. They also have Hethersett bar where one can enjoy drinks with friends,family, fellow guests.
Kenmare reatuarant with tea boxes as buffet table

What one can really admire to do in the morning :One can laze around the porch area or wonder about it in tea gardens of the estate.
scenic porch of the Heritance Tea Factory hotel

Also one can drive down to the Nuwara Eliya city to see the British influenced architecture, the famous hill club,  Hakgala Botanical gardens, religious places Seetha Aman Temple, Holy Trinity Church. Scenic water falls, Gregory lake, Bluefield tea gardens.


Bluefield Tea gardens

I visited the Bluefield tea gardens where it is functional tea factory .They explain you the process of tea making. One can enjoy a freshly brewed tea in this area. Also can buy loads of Ceylon tea for friends and family.

My Trip to Nuwara Eliya  was actually a spell bound enchanting experience. I could feel i was part of the British era, where once there was just the tea gardens and nature to keep you company and the man made wonder Tea Factory which is converted into a beautiful Hotel.

Will definitely make another visit to this amazing country and amazing wonders of nature it has to offer.

p.s - one of my favourite tea brands from SriLanka is the Dilmah Teas which offers huge range of yummy aromatic Ceylon Teas. I still have a stack of it in my kitchen store room :)