Every Women’s Dilemma: High Heels or Flats?

Women have constant battle between making the choice between High heels and flats. The A versus the B choice and it only get tougher as the days go by.

If one is going to work will be standing for long hours  I would prefer wearing flats for the day. However, at times one feels the need to wear high heels to be more confident and empowered.
High Heels have an emotional attachment they empower women, make her feel lady like, confident, tall, happy.

I think every women has her favourite pair of heels to wear to make her look stylish. Heels have a way of making a women‘s party dress, wedding dress, saree look glamorous. The classic nude colours or the formal blacks or the colourful reds I adore them all.

Fashion runaway have models wearing heels, celebrities adore them in gala events. High heels are every designers dream. At times there have been fashion faux pax with heels getting stuck in the sidewalk grate…. oops, it’s this situation which catches the eye of the paparazzi. One should be careful here ladies.

For any important function be it party, movie date, fine dining and wedding function I would definitely wear heels. However, during office work if I had it my way I would carry the roll on flats in my bag and wear them if I need to stand for long hours and then switch back to my favourite pair of heels.

High heels are clearly my choice for every function. What will you choose high heels or the flats?