Trending Korean Skincare : Green Tea squeeze mask review


My first time reviewing this amazing product from S.Korea.

Its real squeeze mask- Green tea  from brand innisfree. Upon removing it from the package the sheet mask is soaked in serum. The sheet mask has green tea and grape fruit fragrance.  When one tries to apply the mask on the face. The sheet mask fits perfectly on the face. As it is soaked in green tea serum it gives a cool sensation on the face. After leaving it for twenty minutes and removing it. It actually gives a glowing dewy look as it promises to give. Plus it also hydrated my skin in this October heat weather. Upon using it for about two months. It has helped giving my skin the fresh, glowing skin and has helped in decreasing the pigmentation upon regular use.

I would definitely recommend this amazing product to all the readers who need quick beauty hack and have no time for lengthy facials in salons.  One can even carry this mask on plane ride. I actually used it on plane as skin tends to dry on long flights. Upon using this product it left me with moisturized and glowing skin ready for arrival. This product is always stacked in my house ready to be used after long tiring day.

Hope this review helps in making your skin routine a little easier and healthier. :)