Hotel Room View of Mt Kanchenjunga? #Sikkim

Himalayan range  Pelling, Sikkim

Mall Road, Gangtok, Sikkim
where there is a will, there is a way!

I always imagined what would it be like to have Hotel Room View of  Mt Kanchenjunga? right. Well it was truly mesmerizing visit.

Sikkim a north eastern state in India. Which is strategically situated sharing borders with China, Nepal, Bhutan and India. It host the largest peak in India Mt Kanchenjunga.

The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok. One can be spell bound by the rich flora, fauna found in this region. Organic farming is done in this region.It has one of most famous monastery in the world namely the Rumtek Monastery.  It is situated near Gangtok. Tibetan Buddhism is preached here.

The famous shopping district is Mall road, in Gangtok. One can shop Tibetan jewelry, traditional costume, called Bokhu. Also present are many restaurants, bakeries, selling many local and global delicacies. Local tour operators are present who can give more insight into sight seeing of Sikkim.
Helicopter ride,Gangtok,Sikkim

We did a helicopter ride to see the aerial view of Sikkim. It was majestic and value for money. 
Pelling town located to the west region of Sikkim. It is from Pelling town one can see the Majestic Himalayan range and of course Mt Kanchejunga.  One can stay at Norbugang Hotel to see Mt Kanchunjunga or any other hotel located near by. Waterfalls, organic dairy farm, can be visited.

Wishing Lake, Sikkim

The Kecheopalri lake known as Wishing Lake, is sacred lake in Buddhist religion. It is part of Demazong valley. One can wish here for ones wish to be fulfilled.

Lake Tsongo also known as chengu lake is a glacial lake located at altitude of 3753 mtrs . It can be reached by travelling via road through Pelling. It is covered with snow clad mountains majority time of the year. The lake freezes in winter season. It is also a sacred lake in Buddhist religion. It is sacred yet magnificent feeling when been here.

Tsongo Lake,Altitude3750 mtrs Sikkim

When one plans to visit the north east India do plan a visit to Sikkim. It can be trekkers paradise, bird watchers can visit the national park and wildlife sanctuary in Sikkim. Or if you are leisure traveler looking for serendipity with Himalayan range view from the hotel room Sikkim won't disappoint you :)

Book recommendation: information on history,customs and culture of Sikkim.
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