Purchase Memory: My first purchase of Red Lipstick

Every women goes through transition from being just a girl to women. I owe it to my first purchase of red lipstick. A red lipstick adds glamour to your face. It symbolizes a style diva in you. It make ones face bright,attractive,confident.

When one is in a dilemma about wearing just plain dress and thinking what will make it stylish just grab the best red lipstick you have and ta-da... you look like a diva.
From movie premiers, fashion magazines to every actress on Cannes red carpet event has worn red lipstick  for their most glamorous moment.  Red colour is associated with power, love, positive energy, passion, even danger, but we need to look at it positively.

Why red lipstick and not purple one?
Well to me red lipstick is metaphor, for red being my favorite colour. It can be purple lipstick or pink lipstick to you if that's your favorite colour. A lipstick on lady's lip makes her look pretty. It highlights her features make her look more beautiful.

Lipstick used back in the days of Queen Cleopatra in Egyptian civilization and she was regarded as world most beautiful women of her era. Ever wondered how the actress or the royalties will look without their favourite colour of lipstick at all times in front of the camera? the answer being dull (at least from my end) as lipstick makes a women look stylish, diva. For any beauty hack in make up or starting afresh always carry your favorite colour of lipstick. It will make you look gorgeous. My favourite being red lipstick.

just be glamorous :)