Black-necked crane festival in Phobjikha valley, Bhutan

Are you a bird-watching enthusiast? An ornithologists? or loves wildlife birds,nature?

then head to Phobjikha valley, Bhutan. The world's endangered, rare migratory black necked cranes come all the way from Tibet to Phobjikha valley, Bhutan during the winter months. They are the most beautiful birds i have seen in natural setting.

Phobjikha valley, Bhutan

How to go to Phobjikha valley?
The drive from Punakha to Phobjikha valley is aprroximately 4 and half hours and is bit bumpy. The drive offers great scenic view of the various flora and fauna, Bhutanese villages and yak animals to keep you entertained.

The Phobjikha valley is u shaped glacial wetland located in the central Bhutan. The place has human habitation, potato farming is done here.

Black necked crane information centre: 
Upon arrival in the valley first visit the information centre initiative by Royal Society For Protection of Nautre(RSPN). Where in you are provided with information about the place . Present are the spotting scopes to see the black necked cranes in the valley. They have kept an injured crane named Karma at this centre. So one can catch close up glimpse of the crane and provide donation .To keep a memorable one can purchase post cards, stamps at this place. Also enquire about the local home stays, treks.
Annual black necked crane festival:  held in month of November at the Gangteng Monestary. It a spectacular sightseeing with crane mask song, dance. The festival is celebration of the arrival of the black necked crane in the valley during the winter months. It is part of the ecotourism. As the Bhutan country and its people value the importance of nature, conservation. The festivals plays an important part in preserving, protecting the nature and its inhabitants. Apart from this festival many other festival take place year long in the great Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

One must visit this carbon negative country to see how the locals celebrate the rich biodiversity this place has to offer and values and traditions kept by the people.

p.s. i had visited this place in end of February month.

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