Best website for booking a Hotel room?

Hope this article will provide you with information on :  how to select the best deal for a hotel room ?

We all go through a major dilemma while selecting best option for booking a hotel room for our trip. There are many options available online to choose from but one needs to be 100% sure that you are getting the best deal. I was curious to know ...

Conducted a little experiment to find out (Case study)

If traditionally going on hotel brands original website will give me a better deal than going on travel aggregator/search engine website.’


There are many factors to be considered while booking a hotel room : location, occupancy, breakfast availability, WiFi facility, cancellation charges, refund policy, other terms and conditions. 

When booking hotel room one often relies on travel fare aggregator website such as, and many travel search engines websites. Having said that, traditionally one use to rely on going to travel agent, or on the hotel brands own website to book a hotel room. 

So for this case  - selected the following details;

Destination: Conrad Hilton, Hotel,  TOKYO
Travel Dates:23 April 18 - 28 April 18
Room type : double room with city view
Currency: Japanese yen

Below table illustrates on three websites i scanned for this case, room rates with conditions, selection option.

Room rate
Advance purchase,  no refund
Room rate with breakfast,
includes taxes
Which one will be most likely to select
Conrad Hilton
Rakuten Travel

Conrad Hilton Condition: change or cancel booking up to 1 day before arrival. Pay when you stay.
 It also includes taxes & service charge, per person, per night. pay at the hotel . Prepayment may be required.
Rakuten Travel: Full payment required.
Cancellation, charges and terms : 
-as per the condition of cancelling room one night prior arrival for Hilton website
-as per the condition of cancelling room before 22 April for
- as per the condition of cancelling room , result in cancellation fee charged by the Rakuten Travel.

Looking at the above room rates and cancellation terms. does not guarantee better hotel room rate nor does it offer flexibility on cancelling the booking room one day prior arrival.

 Rakutan Travel website offers the highest hotel room rate and is charging a cancellation fee. 

 Conrad Hilton website which has convenience of providing best room rate with breakfast option. As well as the other conditions mentioned makes an assurance to do booking on it.


Therefore in this case scenario will be choosing to book at Conrad Hilton website as it provides the best hotel room deal among all three websites mentioned. In addition to it Hilton Hotel has honors program for its loyal customers making it easier to get more facilities which are not offered to other guests.

Hope you guys found this case study interesting to read.

p.s:  this is not a sponsored case. This is case study done by the author to understand where can a traveler get best hotel room deal. For this case - there are many factors to get a good room deal be it room location, occupancy, cancellation charges, refund policy, other terms and conditions. It may vary from city,country, season, market, etc. 

The condition for the above case may or may not hold true to your  hotel room booking needs. You have to research on various websites before making the final hotel room booking decision. All the best in your hotel booking search :)